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Our Mission

To protect and nurture companion animals 

and enrich the lives of people who love them.


Our Impact

  • Animals Adopted in 2020


  • Volunteer Hours in 2020


  • Animals Reunited with Owners in 2020


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Senior pets often get overlooked in an animal shelter. These pets provide as much love and companionship without some of the challenges of getting a much younger animal. Their personalities are already established so you know what you are getting. By giving these loveable pets time and attention, we think you will get so much more in return!

The old adage, "Don't judge a book by it's cover" are words to live by when visiting an animal shelter. Sometimes the pet customers come in for aren't the ones they go home with...and that's ok!

Spend this spooky time of your treating, not tricking your pets! Pick the right costume to ensure your pet stays happy and healthy.

  • Teresa, Council Bluffs, Iowa
    Teresa, Council Bluffs, Iowa

    "We had just lost a beloved senior dog. About a month later, we saw the most adorable Lab puppies available at Midlands Humane Society. My husband, son and I fell in love with one of the littermates and were so happy to be able to adopt a puppy. Our home is full of energy and joy! Thank you MHS for saving so many animals in need!"

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