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Our Mission

To protect and nurture companion animals 

and enrich the lives of people who love them.


Our Impact

  • Dogs & Cats Adopted in 2021


  • Small Critters Adopted in 2021


  • Animals Reunited with Owners in 2021


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Small animals can be a great option for children as a starter pet to help teach them responsibility in caring for another creature. Remember it is still the parents or caregivers duty to watch over the care and interaction of children with their pets. It's important to research the breeds, habitat and food needs of any pet prior to adopting.

It's that time of the year for Midlands Humane Society to celebrate all things animals and people and enjoy an amazing evening with food, fun and festivities! Reserve your seat or your table for Friday, May 13, 2022 at the Mid-America Center.

Licensing your pets is good for everyone involved. By law, pet owners in most jurisdictions are required to license their dogs and cats (these laws do vary, so please double check where you live). The benefits of keeping your pets up to date with Animal Control helps ensure they are kept healthy and safe, as well the people who live in your area. The cost is minimal and licensing fees can help keep animals protected on many levels.

  • Teresa, Council Bluffs, Iowa
    Teresa, Council Bluffs, Iowa

    "We had just lost a beloved senior dog. About a month later, we saw the most adorable Lab puppies available at Midlands Humane Society. My husband, son and I fell in love with one of the littermates and were so happy to be able to adopt a puppy. Our home is full of energy and joy! Thank you MHS for saving so many animals in need!"

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