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Board and Staff

Board and Staff

Midlands Humane Society is 501c3 non-profit charitable organization.  We are proud of our excellent board oversight with 13 members who each have expertise in a variety of areas.  The board meets on a regular basis with multiple committees who meet on an additional basis. Board members for 2023 are: Cheryl Morris - Chair; Leslie Southard - Vice-Chair; Eric Hamilton - Treasurer; Byran Broekemier - Co-Treasurer; Julie Schultz Self - Secretary; Martin Brooks, Abbie Crawford, Alex Gum, Melanie Milner, Jill Sideris, & Stacy Wellman.

Our MHS staff is currently comprised of 8 full-time and 10 part-time staff.  The management team is led by Nikki Cruickshank (Executive Director); Dr. Elizabeth Farrington (Veterinarian); Jenny Jarrell (Director of Animal Care); Mariah Garcia and (Director of Operations & Events); and Derek Rollins (Volunteer & Foster Coordinator).

Veterinary Technician Assistant: Hannah Williams, Magic Pacaj-Burka, and Aidan Reitz

Customer Care Team: Nicole Christensen, Tylar Brammer, Isabella Marlow, and Tori Lemire

Kennel Technicians: Rilee Good, Kayla Christensen, McKenzie Moore

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