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Adoptable Critters

Pick the perfect pocket pet!

Are you looking to add a small animal to your household?  MHS often has guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets, birds, gerbils and lizards available for adoption.  Pocket pets can make such great companions, especially for children by helping to teach the basics of caring for an animal.  They are also wonderful if you have limited space and time to devote to daily walks or set aside hours of playtime. 

However, don't let their small size fool you.  Critters do require specialized care and a thorough understanding of their needs in order to provide the correct habitat, temperatures, diet and level of handling.  Please make sure that adults in the home are prepared to help in the care of any newly adopted pet.  Children often have the best intentions of agreeing to care for a new pet, but the excitement can wane quickly and we want to make sure that all animals get the proper care and attention they need. 


Need more help ... Just send us an email!

We are here ready to assist you find your perfect pet companion and answer questions you may have regarding your pet.  You can always email us at for more details.

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