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Working Cat Program

Working Cat Program

Often times, we take in cats who are not suitable to live inside a home with a family.  These cats can arrive at our doors after having been trapped by Animal Control officers or by concerned citizens who bring them in.  These felines are usually fearful of people and don't seek out human companionship.  They are most happy living outside with access to the shelter of a barn, garage, storage shed or warehouse.  Working cats can be very useful in helping to control rodent population without the use and cost of chemicals. 

Because we want to help save the lives of these animals, Midlands Humane Society initiated a "Working Cat Program" in 2019.  When cats that meet these descriptions arrive, we observe their behavior and confidently conclude that they will not acclimate to life indoors surrounded by the affection of a family.  Some of them can be carefully handled (usually on their terms) while others will run and hide anytime a human approaches.  

The Working Cat Program provides healthy, sterilized and vaccinated cats to those who contact us with a desire to adopt these animals and give them the best chance at a happy, fulfilled life.  The new adopter must agree to provide shelter from the elements for these cats as well as regular food and water.  While they may be used to catch mice, they still require a regular diet to help them stay healthy. 

This initiative allows for MHS to unite with the community to place working cats in proper environments. The cats that are chosen for this program are usually feral or mostly feral, but sometimes we have nicer cats that have been having some issues with inappropriate urination indoors and living outside would be best for them.  Cats that fit this description are generally viewed as unadoptable and this program gives them a second chance.  

All cats available through this program are:

  • Spayed/Neutered and in good physical health
  • Up To Date on vaccines
  • Ear tipped (for identification purposes)

We do ask that the potential adopters provide them shelter (with insulation from the winter elements), food, water and vet care as needed.  Typically, after a short confinement period (usually 2-3 weeks), the cats will remain in the area in which they are released.  Providing regular food and water on a daily basis will encourage the cats to stay in the area you prefer.  This is a very important step in helping to teach them about their new environment.

We do not have a set adoption fee for working cats, but we do ask for a monetary donation which helps offset their care while they are at Midlands Humane Society.

Contact our Shelter Manager, Jenny Jarrell for more details on the Working Cat Program.

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