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Animal welfare has come a long way.  Every day, you can see examples in the quality of life that companion animals receive whether that be from animal shelters, humane societies, private rescues...and simply how animals are treated in the home or on an acreage.  Midlands Humane Society takes great pride in helping animals get to the point where they will live their best life. Top-notch care and enrichment activities, paired with high-quality food and necessary medications and vaccines, animals that arrive at MHS are set up for success.  Shelters once thought of as a cold and depressing have been replaced by vibrant, happy places that provide refuge to animals and many options for adopters.  Animal shelters shouldn't be thought of as a last resort.  We hope you will think of them a new beginning!

Our Executive Director once remarked, "Sometimes, coming to MHS is the best thing that could have happened to an animal."

From the MHS Board to its Staff, Volunteers, and Donors - we are passionate about giving a voice to those without one and helping them get their second chance.  As a non-profit 501(c), we are filled with passionate people who tirelessly work for companion animals and their families.  Every animal is connected to people and we are proud to offer assistance to those in need.  Sometimes that assistance comes in the shape of advice or suggestions.  Sometimes it is helping reunite pets with their families.  Other times it is a well matched pet to a person.  Maybe we can help by providing food or supplies to keep your pet with you.  We are here to help - just ask.

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