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Care After Adoption

Care After Adoption

Thank you for adopting from the Midlands Humane Society.  Bringing a new pet into your home is certainly a new and exciting time!  It also can create many questions and uncertainties.  Please know that MHS is here for you.  We encourage you to reach out to us with questions you may have after you've adopted an animal.  We can help give advice on many common concerns recent pet adopters face.  There are lots of great resource tips out there on how to introduce a newly adopted pet to an existing pet, making the transition as easy as possible.  

There are some things that can make the transition with a new pet easier for your entire household.  Make sure you take a look through the adoption packet you received on your adoption day to learn some helpful tips, particularly if you've just adopted a new dog.  In your new adoption paperwork, you will find a sheet with the names of area veterinarians who will generally waive the first office exam fee with your new pet.  Information on local veterinarians are also listed at the bottom of this page.  If your pet needs any treatment or medication, that will be billed to you and is not covered in the complimentary exam. 

We encourage you to take it slow with your new pet.  Your home and family members are all very new to him/her.  Give your new pet some time to decompress and learn its new environment along with your expectations.  Don't be overly concerned if your pet doesn't eat or want to play right away.  If your pet seems healthy, just give them some time to adjust.    

We also work with Trupanion Pet Insurance.  Once you take your pet to the vet for his/her initial vet visit, we encourage you to call and activate a free 30-day trial of this insurance.  After 30 days, you can decide if having pet insurance is right for you.

We often get asked about what kind of food we feed at the shelter.  It is typically a mix of two to three brands.  We don't specify one particular brand - but we do encourage owners to look at the ingredients on the bag or can.  We advise against dyes or fillers and stick to simple wholesome ingredients.  There are many great resources online for making your own treats, which can be a cost effective way to help in training and simply treating your pet to a tasty snack.  As an added bonus, you will know all the ingredients and can help keep calories to a minimum.

Click the following links to learn more about after-adoption care.

Best Friends Animal Society


The following area veterinarians will waive their initial office exam fee for a recently adopted animal.  If your vet is not on this list, you can certainly inquire if they will waive the initial office exam fee for a rescue pet.  We recommend you call your vet as soon as possible after your pet adoption.  At the time of your appointment, bring your adoption paperwork so they can update or create a record for you.  Any medication, vaccines, or other treatments will be an additional cost to the owner.  Just click the vet clinic links below to learn more each office.

If your pet has suffered a major injury or illness and it is afterhours, you may want to contact Urgent Pet Care for assistance.

Per our adoption paperwork, there are no refunds or exchanges given if an adoption does not work out or the adopter changes their mind.  The animal can be returned to MHS.  We are happy to talk to new adopters to see if we can provide any tips or advice on making the transition with a new pet easier, therefore allowing the animal to stay in their new home.

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