Cats, Cats and More Cats!

Adoptable Cats

We love cats at MHS and have a variety of cats and kittens to share with the public.  Spacious kennels and cat colonies offer each one of our cats the chance to jump, stretch and eat and drink in areas separate from their litter box.  Warm, soft blankets, treats, toys and lots of socialization are given to our cats by staff and volunteers each day to help keep the felines active and mentally stimulated.  Potential adopters can find a variety of ages, colors, genders and personalities.  While we don't de-claw cats here, we do often have de-clawed cats who may have come in as strays or owner-surrenders.

Midlands Humane Society has, on average, between 25 and 50 cats and/or kittens available for adoption.  During the winter months, we tend to have fewer kittens available, and as the weather warms and for several months over the spring, summer and fall, there are normally kittens ready to adopt.  Cats tend to live long lives, so even a cat who is just a few years old, is still considered quite young and is usually quite energetic and playful!  

There are many cat "purr"-sonalities to choose from.  We encourage you to meet with a few cats while here to get good sense of the type of cat you prefer.  Oftentimes, our front desk staff adoption counselors can help guide you in the direction of a cat that might meet the qualities for which you are looking.  For instance, you can inform them that you prefer a laid-back lap cat, one that is extremely playful or even maybe a little aloof and they can make a few recommendations to help narrow your search.  Ultimately, the decision is yours.  And don't worry...if you don't find the perfect cat companion during your first visit to MHS.  We encourage you to check our website and social media pages often and stop back to interact with the new cats who have found their way to our adoption floor.  

Here are some of benefits of Adoption at MHS:

  • Spay/Neuter surgery
  • Age-appropriate vaccinations (including rabies vaccine if the cat is old enough)
  • Microchip
  • Feline leukemia testing
  • Flea and tick preventatives
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Need more help ... Just send us an email!

We are here ready to assist you find your perfect pet companion and answer questions you may have regarding your pet.  You can always email us at for more details.