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Adoption Process and Fees

Information on Adopting a new Pet

Adoption Process:

  • Before your visit, we encourage you to view our adoptable pet listings, review their profiles and learn what each pet is looking for in their new forever home.
  • Pets are adopted to new owners based on the adoption surveys that each adopter must complete.  We do offer a 24-hour hold on animals once we have received and approved the adopter survey along with a nonrefundable $25 adoption pending fee.  We cannot hold animals prior to your visit or without a $25 adoption pending fee.  This offers adopters an opportunity to really think about bringing a new pet into their home and whether or not this is the correct pet for your home and lifestyle.  These holds are also beneficial, giving everyone in the home a chance to meet the pet, along with doing a meet and greet with existing pets.
  • Adoptions are usually processed the same day as your initial meet and greet, meaning that you can bring your new pet home right away.
  • All adoption services are walk-in only, but we recommend calling ahead of time to ensure the pet you want to visit is still available as adoptions can happen quickly.
  • If the pet has specific information in their profile about how to set up a visit (specifically if the pet requires an appointment), please reach out directly to the contact listed.
  • Please allow anywhere from 1-2 hours to complete the adoption process.  Adoption surveys can easily be done in person at our facility at the beginning of your visit.  If you prefer, you can click the Adoption Survey button below to print off, fill out and bring in with you.  You can also print off this application, fill it out and scan/email it back to the MHS front desk.

Things to Know:

  • You must be 18 years old to adopt an animal and be able to sign an adoption contract.
  • Some adoptable dogs will require a meet and greet with any resident dogs, although we recommend dog introductions with all adoptable dogs. If you plan on a meet and greet, you can bring your dog initially. If you prefer to meet the dog first, we can do a 24-hour pend (with a $25 fee) to hold the animal to accommodate a dog intro at a later time.
  • We do not advise for cat meet and greets. Instead, our staff members will discuss the best way to introduce your new pet to your current cat(s) in the home.
  • We recommend any children in the home meet a potential adoptable animal. Some animals will require that all household members meet the animal before finalizing an adoption.
  • We have some pet supplies available for purchase.  These items include: Collars, leashes, toys, and some clothing.  Please be aware that you will need to supply a leash for your newly adopted dog.  All adoptable dogs at MHS are given collars while in our care.  For cats, we provide temporary cardboard transport carriers for cats but you are welcome and encouraged to bring one from home.  These are not meant to be permanent traveling enclosures and we recommend holding this type of kennel from the bottom, especially if the cat is especially large.
  • Midlands Humane Society may require other information or require other steps be taken prior to adoption to ensure a pet is the right match for your family.  MHS only adopts animals as family pets.  MHS reserves the right to deny any adoption for any reason.
  • Small animals/critters do not normally get adopted with an enclosure.  The new adopter will need to be prepared with the proper enclosure at home.
  • Per our adoption paperwork, there are no refunds or exchanges given if an adoption does not work out or the adopter changes their mind.  The animal can be returned to MHS, however, without a surrender fee.  We try hard to match people and pets and are hopeful that each adoption can be successful.  We are happy to talk to new adopters to see if we can provide any tips or advice on making the transition with a new pet easier, therefore allowing the animal to stay in their new home.  It takes time and patience for new adoptive pets to understand their new home, family and routine.

Adoption Fees

Dogs: $150-$450

Adoption fee includes: Each pet has been spayed/neutered, received age-appropriate vaccinations, a microchip, been dewormed, been heartworm tested, and has flea/tick & heartworm preventatives.

Cats: $50-$250

Adoption fee includes: Each pet has been spayed/neutered, received age-appropriate vaccinations, a microchip, been dewormed, been feline leukemia tested, and has flea/tick preventatives.

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