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Low-Cost Microchipping Services for the public

We are very happy to provide our Microchipping service to our community!  The cost is $27.50 per microchip with free registration to Home Again (the company used to manufacture and handle the majority of our microchips).  If you are interested in having your pet microchipped, you can walk in at any time we are open. 

Hours of Operation-

  • Monday-Friday:  12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
  • Saturdays:  11:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • We are closed the 3rd Wednesday of the month for staff meetings.  (Hours may differ during holidays or inclement weather)

Microchips are a very important tool in reuniting lost pets with their owners.  A microchip is a small rice size chip that has a specific number attached to it, when scanned by a microchip scanner.  It is very easily implanted into an animal in the skin between the shoulder blades, using a syringe and needle.  It is a permanent form of identification that always stays with the pet.  Please note, a microchip is not a GPS device.  It cannot track or follow where your pet goes.  It provides proof of ownership and one of the best and most effective ways to be reunited with your pet. 

When an animal is lost and brought to Midlands Humane Society, one of the first things that a member of our Animal Care Team will do is scan that animal to see if they have a microchip.  We work our hardest to contact the owners as soon as possible so that the animal can be reunited with its owner.

Midlands Humane Society uses Home Again brand microchips.  We will register them for the first time, so you do not have to!  We just ask that you keep your contact information (address, phone, email and owner details) up to date as that is just as critical as having the chip implanted.  Microchip information can easily be changed by contacting the microchip company that created that chip. 

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