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Midlands Humane Society Adoptions

Thank you for choosing to adopt a pet from the Midlands Humane Society.  We are the first and only humane society in Council Bluffs and Pottawattamie County.  Since opening our doors in 2015, over 12,000 pets have been adopted into loving homes or returned to owners. 

While on our website you will be able to search all the adoptable pets, or search more specifically by dogs, cats or small animals.  Once an animal has been officially adopted, the animal is removed from our website and Pet Finder site.   

Dog Adoption Fees:  The average cost to adopt a dog ranges from $150 to $400.  Higher adoption fees typically indicate the dog is a puppy, young animal or highly sought after breed.

Cat Adoption Fees:  

  • Kittens up to 5 months - $150     
  • Kittens 6 months to 12 months - $100   
  • Cats 1 to 5 years - $85     
  • Cats 7 years and older - $50

Small Animal Adoption Fees (hamsters, rats, gerbils, guinea pigs, birds, ferrets):  $10 - $75 (adoption fees will be listed on their Pet Finder profile).  Normally the enclosures are not sent with the animals at the time of adoption and a proper enclosure will need to be secured for the animal at the new adopters home.

For specific details, click on any of the links below to redirect you to the application web page you need.

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