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Kevin Bills Memorial Dog Park


Dog Park Patrons:

As we enter our 10th year of operating the Kevin Bills Memorial Dog park on the Midlands Humane Society (MHS) campus, we have taken the opportunity to evaluate this service and to make a change to better serve our mission.  The last few years in animal welfare have been a rollercoaster and, now more than ever, we need to find solutions to our space constraints to better support the constant capacity issues with sheltering dogs.

National data shows that bigger dogs wait longer to find homes, and MHS is not immune to this issue.  Because of this and other similar factors, it has become vital to provide more enrichment and exercise to keep dogs healthy, happy and, most importantly, adoptable.

With guidance from our network partners at Best Friends Animal Society, we have implemented the Dogs Playing for Life model into our weekly enrichment routine.  This model gives dogs the ability to run and play with other dogs, and the opportunity to learn, exercise, and just be dogs.  Playgroups provide the fastest way to, successfully, attend to the largest number of dogs in the shortest amount of time.  Rather than walking singularly, a playgroup team can attend to many more dogs in the same time period.  Because of the positive impact this model has shown, we realize we need more green space to ensure its success.   

After careful consideration, and with permission from the donor who brought the dog park to life, the Midlands Humane Society Board of Directors has decided it is time that the dog park space be solely used for the health and enrichment of the MHS dogs, and no longer be offered as membership to the public.

This decision was an extremely difficult one to make and we did not take it lightly, but doing what is best for the dogs in our care must take priority to ensure their health and adoptability.   

We wish to give you adequate time to look for new areas to exercise your dogs, therefore this change will not take effect until April 1,2024.  Memberships will be honored through March 31, 2024.

We deeply appreciate your understanding and continued support of the health and wellness of those in our care.

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