Remedies for Rudy


On Christmas Day 2016, Council Bluffs Animal Control received a 911 call about an injured dog near Big Lake Park. Animal Control Officer 4 responded and met with the Council Bluffs Police to retrieve the animal. She opened the cruiser door and there sat a sad little tan dog with no right foot and a deformed left foot. She dubbed him Rudolph “Rudy” and welcomed him to Midlands Humane Society (MHS).

Rudy immediately made lots of friends at the MHS. He was described as approximately 2 yr. old Lab mix and after a few days with no claims from any owner, the MHS medical team administered his vaccinations, heart worm test, flea treatment and got him neutered. Upon closer examination it was determined that his deformities were the result of birth defects not a traumatic injury as was reported at first.

He is such a special, gentle soul, -- Rudy was destined for a higher purpose -- the team knew he was here for a reason. MHS has now adopted him as an "Ambassador" to help educate the public about animal welfare. Rudy started his school visits at Titan Hill during the spring of 2017 where the students raised money to support all the animals at MHS. Their reward for a job well done was having Rudy join them for recess.

He is such a success with children, the plan is to certify him to enter hospitals, to help children, and veterans with disabilities. Then the question was raised, what can we do to help Rudy with his own disabilities? He doesn't care that he is missing a foot, he just loves all the attention but his deformed left foot gets tired and sore from all the extra work and will eventually breakdown even more. So with help from our friends, we made an appointment at Avondale Pet Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa. Dr. Christie Carlo donated her services for an in-depth examination and approved Rudy as a great candidate for a support boot for his left leg and a prosthetic for his right.

Rudy would need surgery to prepare both front legs for the boot and prosthesis so we reached out to our good friend, Dr. Scott Yonker at Urgent Pet Care in Millard, Nebraska. He offered to donate the x-rays and perform the surgery. In May Rudy underwent this procedure and has fully recovered. In early July 2017, Rudy returned to Dr. Carlo’s clinic in Des Moines, where they crafted casts of his legs so they could proceed with making the boot and prosthesis.

A HUGE thank you goes out to the Urgent Pet Care West Team and Avondale Pet Hospital for their excellent care and support for our Rudy.

Up to this point, much of Rudy’s medical care has been donated – but going forward it is not. The cost of Rudy’s prosthetics and rehabilitation is almost $3,500. With your help we are hoping to raise that and more to support Rudy and all his pals at MHS. It's the “Remedies for Rudy” fund drive.

Rudy’s first two years were “RUFF". Our hope is to make the rest of his years pain free, full of love and adventures.​ THANK YOU!