New Facility

Addressing a Great Need

Current area shelters have reached points of great challenge that will be addressed by this new facility.  Additionally, significant numbers of dogs and cats from Iowa are taken to the Nebraska Humane Society each year due to lack of space in the community shelters.

Considering the projected growth of the animal population in the local shelters, we are pleased to provide the obvious necessity for a larger facility where adoption services and education can be offered.

Our new facility offers services that meet the community’s responsibility to care for the countless number of animals in need.

Sheltering Services

Our new 11,591 square-foot building more than doubles the number of holding areas that were available at the city shelter.

Dogs and cats are exposed to natural light and the latest technology in climate control. Rooms are provided for adoption spaces, offices, storage and animal control.  Space has also been designated for the care and treatment of injured and sick animals, including a room for quarantined animals to help prevent the spread of sickness and/or disease. A large area to the west of the building will allow room for growth and expansion of services.

The new facility has provided several new jobs in addition to volunteer opportunities, allowing the animal control officers to concentrate on animal control.

Our new shelter will also:

  • Provide a variety of educational programs and adoption strategies, including programs that offer support and guidance for pet owners.
  • Maintain an extensive volunteer corps who will support the humane society’s animal care and other programs.
  • Provide space for a large community dog park adjacent to the building.

Director of Animal Training:

Thanks to a grant from the Richard Brooke Foundation, MHS is proud to announce the addition of Rachael Wilson, who will work with the animals at MHS to identify training needs and behavior issues.  She will assist volunteers working with these animals to ensure the upmost safety of both, while helping the prepare the animal for their new home.  She will also work with prospective adopters to match animals to the best homes possible.  This will  help to reduce the animal return rate that every animal shelter faces.  We thank the Richard Brooke Foundation for their gracious support!