Iowa Dept of Education

Imagine what summer school could be. Council Bluffs did.

With community partnerships like Midlands Humane Society aboard, elementary students were able to participate in the Camp Pawsome elective, which involved three days of in-class activity including studying about the work Midlands does for the community, how Midlands helps keep animals and people safe, why it’s important, and what would happen if Midlands didn’t exist. Students then created books to read to the sheltered animals and blankets to share.

Grades 6-8 middle school students report that the experience at the Henry Doorly zoo was a good mix between classroom work and exploratory, investigative work. In the morning they were in the classroom in their seats creating a plant with a biodegradable cup and soil and learning how to explain what plants need. From there they were easily able to go out into the zoo environment, into the gardens and explore the different types of plants and make comparisons.

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