Volunteer Community Service

Court Ordered Community Service Requirements 

  • Must be 18 years of age and will need to provide a valid ID 
  • Minimum of 25 hours required 
  • Minimum of 3 months to complete community service required
  • Must be able to fulfill at minimum 4 hours per week
  • Must provide court documentation of hours to be completed and documentation of the offense

MHS will not accept community service for:

  • Violent crimes of any nature
  • Animal cruelty or neglect
  • Sexual offenses of any nature
  • Theft/Burglary/Robbery
  • Narcotics or controlled substances

Those completing court ordered community service will not be permitted to work with animals and will be performing janitorial duties until required hours are complete. This includes but is not limited to laundry, dishes, sweeping/mopping, organizing, and cleaning up animal waste.

Please dress appropriately when volunteering as getting dirty should be expected. Long pants, t-shirt and closed toed shoes should be worn while volunteering.

Community service volunteers are expected to work and stay busy while completing hours. Should the contribution of services be unsatisfactory or be performed with an uncooperative attitude the assignment will be terminated and the hours will not be permitted.

Steps for community service:

  1. Fill out a community service application (here)
  2. Schedule a community service orientation 
  3. Complete required hours
  4. Transition to MHS volunteer 

Once community service hours are complete, a volunteer application can be submitted to attend a general orientation. Volunteer opportunities regarding animal care will be available at that time.

*There is a $25 application fee to cover the cost of a volunteer t-shirt, nametag, lanyard and administrative costs that go toward the MHS volunteer program. Fee must be paid before starting community service.

Please note: MHS reserves the right to refuse a court ordered community service volunteer for any reason.